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Fox Pest Control’s Long Island Yellow Jacket Exterminator Service

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Yellow Jackets are small aggressive wasps named after their black striped yellow coat. Because of their appearance they can be easily mistaken as common bees, but they are much faster and more dangerous. [Location} homeowners should be on the lookout for small paper mache style nests around their homes, as it could be a yellow jacket nest. They are social creatures and live in large colonies, meaning if you’ve seen one in your yard, you may have an infestation. Like most wasp stings, children and pets are especially sensitive to stings, and it is best practice to hire an exterminator to promptly remove nests. Fox Pest Control is here to help Long Island homeowners live yellow jacket free.

If you’re having problems with beeshornets, or wasps, check out these pages for more info.

Signs of a Yellow Jacket Infestation

You might already know you have a yellow jacket infestation, but here are a few of the most common signs yellow jacket infestation on Long Island. 

Yellow Jacket Sightings

The most common sign of yellow jackets on Long Island is actually seeing them flying around your yard, garden, house, flowers, or other areas.

Visible Nests

Some species of yellow jackets on Long Island make paper nests above ground. Some of these can be located in trees, on house siding, in window frames, hanging under soffits, or on posts.

Hidden Nests

Several species of yellow jackets make nests underground. Others may make nests under siding, inside soffits, or in similar hidden areas. No matter where they’re nesting, it’s critical to get rid of yellow jackets wherever they live.

Important Things to Know About Yellow Jackets

Helpful Yellow Jacket Prevention Tips: 

yellow jacket nest

Make or purchase Yellow Jacket Decoys to hang in areas they make nests

covered garbage can

Limit food access around your yard and cover trash cans. 


Ensure all door and window screens are in good repair.

home door and window

Do not seal entryways as yellow jackets may already be inside walls.

Planting strong scented herbs like thyme, basil and peppermint can deter yellow jackets.

How Do I Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets?

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Your technician will conduct a thorough pest control inspection of your home and property in order to provide a customized yellow jacket treatment plan that will be most effective for your situation.

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You will receive a detailed report of the service provided and helpful recommendations to remain yellow jacket free.

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We come back regularly throughout the year to ensure the yellow jackets don’t come back. If you see any yellow jacket activity between your regularly scheduled service, simply give us a call. We’ll come back for free!

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How to Get Rid Of Wasp And Hornets | Fox Pest Control

Hey guys, Caleb here with Fox Pest Control.

If you see wasps or hornets around your home, that means there’s a nest somewhere nearby,

and removing it can be dangerous.

When wasps or hornets feel threatened, they get aggressive and sting.

At Fox Pest Control, we have the right safety equipment to take care of these threatening pests so you can enjoy your yard again.

We take care of your wasp and hornet problems by sending one of our certified pest pros to inspect your home and yard.

After locating any nests, our pest pro will apply the most effective treatment for your problem.

Once the wasps or hornets have been eliminated, we will remove the nest if possible.

If you see wasps or hornets around your home, give us a call for a quote

or to schedule same-day service.

At Fox Pest Control, we care about keeping you and your family safe.

Why not have one less thing to worry about?

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Yellow Jacket Control FAQ


For most people, a single sting doesn’t cause a big problem, other than painful swelling. Some people are allergic to these stings and need to get rid of yellow jacket infestations right away. These people need to be especially careful. If you are stung and are allergic, seek medical attention immediately. 


Anaphylaxis, or anaphylactic shock, is a life-threatening allergic reaction, usually caused by an insect sting. Symptoms include respiratory constriction, massive or irregular swelling, hives, irregular heart pace or rhythm, and more.


Epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, is a hormone that helps restore heart speed and rhythm, open airways, and improve blood flow during anaphylaxis. It is often included as an injection for those who are allergic to insect stings. Yellow jacket removal can go along way to help with this, too.


Get rid of yellow jackets because, like other wasps, they can sting multiple times – unlike honey bees which can only sting once and then die.


In general, yellow jackets eat other bugs, including crop-destroying insects that cause problems for gardeners and farmers, which makes them beneficial in the wild.


Some species of yellow jackets also eat flower nectar and pollen, just like bees, which means some yellow jackets help plants by pollination. Although, no pollinating insects are quite as efficient pollinators as native bees. If they become a nuisance, though, yellow jacket removal could be important for homeowners.


While all yellow jackets eat meat of one kind or another, some types also eat flower nectar and pollen.


Yellow jackets don’t make honey, but they regurgitate pollen for their larvae to eat. If they become a nuisance, though, yellow jacket removal could be important for homeowners on Long Island. 


Technically they are pollinators, but they aren’t nearly as good at it as native bees and honey bees on Long Island.


Wasp. This is a general term that describes any flying insect that can sting multiple times, eats meat, and is either solitary or makes colonies.
Hornetspaper wasps, yellow jackets, and mud daubers are all types of wasps.

Bumblebees have round, fuzzy bodies and stubby wings. They are usually black and yellow. They are closely related to wasps, but they aren’t wasps or bees.

BeesOf all the thousands of bee species, they all have hairy bodies, short wings, and at least some hairs, though some kinds are fuzzy. They can be black and yellow or completely black.
The most well-known types of bees are honey bees and carpenter bees.

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Danny was very helpful in solving my problems. He explained everything and I couldn’t be happier with his service

Bob Hillman

I had a problem with mice getting into my home. Fox found the entry point immediately and after repairing it they baited my home for over a year. They also sprayed for those awefull camel cricket things. They did a great job. No more problems at all. They’re office personnel are very friendly and the whole business is just a class act.

Abida Babida

Leon did my preventative service today and 3 months ago. He was extremely professional, courteous, walked me through all the tasks he performed, and answered all my questions. Most importantly, I haven’t seen a single pest in my home since using Fox (had an ant problem when we first moved in). I highly recommend this service

John Conrad

Danny from the Long Island branch came out to work. He could not have been nicer and professional, I was having a bad day and had some issues with the call center but he truly knows customer service and took all the time he needed to help me with the issues I am having. Honestly I would have thought he was the owner, he knows how to represent a company. Thank you!

Wendy Brofman

On time and very efficient. The gentleman that came was great. He listened and then fully explained the process to correct the problem. His name was Luis and honestly one of the nicest guys in the service business that I have encountered. True professional. I highly recommend Fox Pest Control. Thank you Luis for being a true professional.

TBS Advertising

Carlos came to service my home. He did a wonderful job and went above to take care of a small hole he saw on the side of the chimney to prepare for the coming colder months. Very thoughtful! Cant go wrong at all with Fox Pest Control. They have amazing customer service!

Kelvin Ng

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