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Ticks can be a problem on Long Island because they live in our many wooded areas, and in tall grasses near rivers, lakes, and ponds. They also enjoy living on birds and small mammals. There are many possibilities for them to be transported and enter your yard, or even your home. Ticks tend to enter homes on pets and other animals, or by simply crawling inside your home through cracks and crevices, windows, or openings around plumbing lines.

Signs of Ticks in Your Home

Here are the most common signs of ticks on Long Island.

  1. Visible Signs – Noticeable bite marks on your body. You can also look for little red or brown patches on your clothes or bedsheets. The presence of tick eggs is another clear indicator. Ticks will lay eggs in carpeting, clothing, furniture, and in dark, warm areas like electrical sockets. If you find tick eggs, you likely have a tick infestation.
  2. Medical Evidence – The blood-filled welts from tick bites are sometimes accompanied by fever, chills, swelling, irritation, pain around the bite mark, and headaches. Tick excretions can also cause physical symptoms not associated with any of their dangerous transmissible diseases.

What Long Island Homeowners Need to Know About Ticks

Helpful Tick Prevention Tips: 

cut grass

Keep grass cut short year-round and any bushes and trees trimmed back.

plant hiding places

Clean all excess branches, leaves, and debris from your yard.

dog walking

Keep pets out of tall grasses, wooded areas, bushes, underbrush, etc. Always thoroughly check your pets for ticks after trips outside.

tick spray can

Add a mulch or wood chip barrier to keep ticks away from home.


Stack wood neatly in a dry area, as far from your home as possible.

fleas on pets

Take your pets to the vet for regular checkups, and make sure they are checked for ticks and fleas.

How Do I Get Rid Of Ticks?

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Think you have a tick problem? Call Fox Pest Control at (631) 458-5003 for a free, no-obligation tick control quote.

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Schedule same-day tick control service with our certified pest technicians.

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Our pest technician will thoroughly inspect your home and property to provide a customized tick treatment plan that will most effectively suit your situation.

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At the end of our service call, you will receive a detailed report of the service provided and helpful recommendations to remain tick free.

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Follow Up

We will come back regularly throughout the year to ensure the ticks don’t come back. If you see any tick activity between your regularly scheduled service, call us, and we’ll come back for free!

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We take pride in offering courteous, prompt, and professional service that includes our 5 Step Home Protection Plan.

  • Inspect the exterior of your home to identify potential pest problems
  • Remove cobwebs and wasps’ nests within reach
  • Address exterior pest entry points such as weep holes and plumbing gaps
  • Apply a pest control treatment around the exterior perimeter of your home.
  • Provide a detailed service report and helpful preventative tips.

If you see pests, call us.

We take care of our Fox Family by providing FREE in-home inspections, FREE estimates, and same day service at no extra charge. When you choose Fox Pest Control you choose a local certified Pest Pro that will take the time to answer your questions, explain your service options, and provide a money-back guarantee.

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Tick FAQs

What Are Ticks?

Ticks are arachnids, distantly related to spiders, and an external parasite. They have eight legs and suck the blood of a host. The tick must consume blood to grow from a new nymph into adulthood.  

What Do Ticks Eat?

Ticks are ectoparasites (or external parasites). This means that they latch onto the skin of their host and suck the host’s blood, which is all they consume.


Like fleas, ticks can cause lots of problems for pets, and they can easily be introduced into your home. Once you’ve had your pet treated through vet-approved tick treatments, call Fox Pest Control. We know how to root these pests out of your home.


Yes, they can be very dangerous because ticks can transmit many diseases to humans, including:

Lyme disease
Colorado tick fever
Powassan virus
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

How Do I Know If I Have Lyme Disease from A Tick Bite?

Some swelling in the area near a tick bite could be a common, mild allergic reaction to tick saliva, but the swelling should be gone within a few days. If the swelling grows and persists for a week or more, this could be an early sign of Lyme disease. Early diagnosis of Lyme disease is critical as timely treatment could prevent long-term effects. Talk to your doctor if you have early symptoms of Lyme disease.

How Can I Prevent Lyme Disease from Tick Bites?

Lyme disease transmission can take up to 24-48 hours, so you can avoid many of the conditions that ticks cause by carefully checking for them regularly and getting medical attention if you develop symptoms. If you have an infestation, Fox Pest Control will send a certified tick exterminator, if possible, on the same day.

Why Do I Need Preventive Tick Treatments During The Winter?

Regular maintenance ensures that any tick eggs in your Long Island home are removed before they can hatch into nymphs and begin to feed on you and your loved ones. Ticks will hatch in temperatures of 40 degrees or higher so it’s critical to have year-round preventive measures in place.

5-Star Pestimonials

Louis is excellent. He was on time and helped us get ready for the season, spraying for crickets and ticks. Thanks again, Louis.

five star review rating
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Dan Travis

It is rare for me to give a five star rating. I highly recommend Fox for best Value, responsive customer service, quality service, stands behind warranties. I own a home in Hauppauge. I was approached by Salesman Spencer who was serving several of our neighbors properties. I was very pleased at his detailed outline of services. I have a severe dislike for bugs, far more then your average person. So I attempt to handle a lot of bug control myself from a prevention standpoint. Typically I also have a pest control on contract but I was not happy with my last companies rising prices and slipping service. I like to pick the brain of the service man because in the cycle of life if you kill off one bug you often invite another or your getting the pest because you have a welcoming environment to them. I see other reviews where they complain about the detailed nature but if you work with these guys as a team you can really make a big impact on pest control. I know very well the costs of pest control and their prices are very fair for the quality you receive. You can call the two other guys who advise best prices on Long Island .. but I can tell you their contracts are filled with loopholes for additional charges. I brought in Fox for ant control and hornet control. I personally found three nests they found an additional 2. I have not seen a hornet since. I did have ants reappear but that is somewhat expected with ants especially on a property as large as mine. But true to word they came and did a complete property treatment for ants again,,, not just in the one area they came back. I called Spence freaking out after we got a hurricane, I instantly had a massive tick problem. We came in from cleaning up the yard and my 3 year old had ticks in her hair. As a bug a phobe I lost my mind. They had a tremendously busy schedule but Spence worked his magic and was able to squeeze me in the next day. When the tech Mathew arrived he was empathetic to my tick freak out. He was so detailed in the application. He did not miss one spot in a two acre lot. So when I see reviews about late appearances please take into consideration that the lateness may be because they are trying to do the right thing for another customer. And you’ll be happy if that day comes and you need them quick The technician who came advised that he found bee hives in some of the fallen trees while doing the tick treatment and since they were included in my original contract. That’s doing the right thing!

five star review rating
reviewer persona icon

Krystina Gorski

(Translated by Google) Carlos Carlos came to do a good service in this house Thank you Fox Pest Control (Original) Carlos Carlos vino hacer un buen servicio en esta casa Gracias Fox Pest Control

five star review rating
reviewer persona icon

Rosita Toro

I had Today very nice and helpful man Ernesto he works with me so hard to fixing my Problem , And he listen and do his best. I highly recommend him . Thanks

five star review rating
reviewer persona icon

Randa Y Fahmy

DANNY from Fox Pest Control Company was here yesterday morning and was professional, polite, and extremely informative. I have been really stressed out regarding using any chemicals now that my flock of six chickens are old enough to be outside and to free range the entire backyard. I also have two large dogs, one being a 130 pound 14 month old Saint Bernard puppy with an extreme digestive disease. My pup is on a prescription diet and anything he eats can cause a downward spiral that could actually lead to the unspeakable. Poor DANNY walked into the trap of a worried, cautious and protective mom that still wanted and needed his help. I must say to everyone that DANNY was extremely understanding of my concerns! He educated me on everything that needed to be done as well as things to look out for. Being concerned about my free range chickens (that have been providing us with 3-5 fresh eggs daily) DANNY did not put down the tick granules around the property. We have begun the foundation of a chicken run where the coop is in the backyard. DANNY suggested that we should call the office as soon as we know the date the run is completed so the chickens can be contained in the run. Fox Pest will return to put down the tick granules then. Danny also made sure dogs were and will be safe by telling me to be sure the office knows my situation and Danny would inform them as well. We have moved 6 months ago to Suffolk County and we are only a couple miles away from the Long Island Sound. All different neighborhoods need different types of pest issues , our old neighborhood had ants and more ants. Being educated by Fox Pest Control Company, I know a lot more, especially about the crickets and sprickets and of course deer ticks (having seen deer in the woods twice since living here). DANNY also told me what to look for now that I have the chicken coop and soon the attached run because of course it will attract mice and rats, especially since the forest runs behind my home as well as most all of our neighbors. I highly recommend using Fox Pest Control Company! Any serviceman I have met has been great, but DANNY made me feel like I was a large business account even though we are just a regular residential account to a big company! I know that I will definitely be requesting DANNY to come back to be our servicemen due to his professionalism and his concern for his client. I actually couldn’t help but to give him a bear hug before he left!

five star review rating
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Katie Degs

Absolutely the BEST company I have ever dealt with! Nathan went above and beyond to help us and Aaron was GREAT as well!! My husband was attacked by wasps and they came immediately to take care of them. Other contracts I have had in the past with other companies have been horrible when you need them to come. Some didn’t show up at all. Living in Manorville it is hard to control insects however, Since FOX has sprayed us, we have had no spiders, ticks or fleas. They are AMAZING! CAll Nathan and tell him the SMALLS family sent you!!

five star review rating
reviewer persona icon

Wendy Falanga

BBB and national breast cancer foundation accreditations