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Fox Pest Control’s Long Island Termite Exterminator Service

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Each year, termites cause an estimated $5 billion in property damage. These tiny pests form in large colonies and can cause serious damage to your Long Island home. If you’re seeing them, you definitely need termite treatment right away. After all, you’ve invested a lot in your home. What will happen if it’s ruined by an infestation of tiny wood-eating bugs? There are many species of termites that could be invading your home, and it can be very difficult to remove them from your home. It’s best to get professional help. Contact the professionals at Fox and we’ll get to work on your Long Island termite control issue.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

You might already know you need a termite treatment, but here are the most common signs termite exterminators look for on Long Island. 

Mud Tubes /Mud Tunnels

Termites use these cylinder-shaped pathways to travel along exposed areas while foraging for food. These might look like branches of dried mud attached to the side of poles, house foundations, metal fences, and other places.


Swarmers are winged termites that a well-established colony produces once or twice every year. They can be easily mistaken for winged ants, but if you see swarmers in your home it’s a sure sign you have a termite colony nearby.

Discarded Wings

After their initial flight, the swarmers lose their wings. These can be found virtually anywhere, as termites are poor flyers and may land anywhere the wind takes them. They are most commonly found near the colony.

Wood Damage

Since termites eat wood from the inside out, damage is difficult to detect. It might show as bubbling wallpaper or hollow and weakened wood.

Things You Need to Know About Termites

Helpful Termite Prevention Tips: 

wood logs

Pile wood at least 20 feet away from the house

water droplets

Reduce moisture in and around the home 

low-hanging tree branch

Trim trees and bushes at least 1 foot away from the house and 2 feet away from each other

clear all debris

Clean up wood and plant debris around the house

We Proudly Use Sentricon® to Eliminate Termites

The Sentricon® system is like no other termite treatment plan. It uses termites’ very nature — their constant foraging in search of food — against them. Worker termites find the bait in the Sentricon® stations while foraging, and share it with the queen and other colony members. Sentricon® stops the process of molting which ultimately affects the queen and reproduction and kills the workers. The colony then crumbles and is eliminated. 


After a technician inspects your property, bait stations are placed around your home. Utilizing Always Active™ technology, the Recruit® HD bait is immediately available. In-ground stations have a visible service cover only opened by a special key.


Preferring the bait nearly 10 times more than wood, worker termites discover and quickly share their new “food” source within the colony. Noviflumuron is the active ingredient in Sentricon®. Noviflumuron prevents termites from maturing through molting.


Unable to molt, termites die. And when the colony dies, the queen isn’t too far behind. Like a captain going down with the ship, despite her resolve to survive, there’s just no hope.


Imagine 24/7, worry-free protection now and well into the future. All it takes is your original bait stations and ongoing service from a Fox Pest Control technician. For what it’s worth, Long Island termites prefer you opt out of this offering.


no digging

No digging or trenching

no structural drilling

No structural drilling 

no soil treatments

No need to treat the soil

no scheduling hassles

No scheduling hassles

How Do I Get Rid Of Termites?

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Your technician will conduct a thorough pest control inspection of your home and property in order to provide a customized termite treatment plan that will be most effective for your situation.

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You will receive a detailed report of the service provided and helpful recommendations to remain termite free.

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We come back regularly throughout the year to ensure the termites don’t come back. If you see any termite activity between your regularly scheduled service, simply give us a call. We’ll come back for free!

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Why Choose Fox Pest Control on Long Island

Here Is Why You Should Call Fox Pest Control

Termite Control FAQ


Termite damage is not covered by home insurance, and treating termites on your own is a daunting and monumental task. Finding termite damage can be very difficult, as it is usually out of sight. Our free inspection is a great opportunity to let the pros find the damage for you.

Fox Pest Control technicians have the tools and equipment necessary to perform thorough inspections and apply environmentally responsible products that will control the termites for good. 


Professional termite exterminators train thoroughly to receive the proper certifications and approvals to perform termite treatment procedures.


It’s not a good idea to try to get rid of termites on your own. Non-professional efforts to get rid of termites easily waste time and money. 

Termite exterminators require thorough training and experience before Fox will send them to treat your home. Some termite treatments require drilling, digging, tens or even hundreds of gallons of termiticides and years of specialized training and experience.


The most common signs of termites include:

Mud tunnels, or mud tubes. Termites mix dirt with their saliva and create these tunnels to travel from one place to another without exposure to predators or the elements.
termite mud tunnels

Swarmers. These are winged termites that fly out of the nest, usually around spring but sometimes year-round. A mature termite queen produces these to create new termite colonies elsewhere.

winged swarmer termite
Wood damage. Termites can eat anything made of cellulose, including wallpaper, furniture, and even books.  The image below shows typical damage caused by subterranean termites.
subterranean termite damage

Helpful Hint: Termites only stay inside the wood and don’t breach to the surface. That means you’ll have to check for hollowness by tapping around window and door frames and listening for a hollow sound.

Call the Pros. Fox Pest Control can positively identify the presence of termites in your Long Island home.


Every year, termites cause an average of $5 billion in damage repair costs to homes throughout the country — and none of those damages are covered by insurance. Millions of homes are affected by termites every year.


Termites can remain undetected in a house for as many as 8-10 years.


Termites don’t sleep at all, although they might slow down or stop if the temperature is cold enough. In the right conditions, they are able to eat at a home constantly, 24/7.


In the wild, termites eat damaged and rotting wood and help return the nutrients and chemicals that are locked inside dead wood back into the earth. Without wood-eating insects like termites, the world would literally suffocate under the amount of dead plant material in it. 


Termites help prevent fires in some ways. Termites help clean up dead plant material like dead trees and fallen logs before it begins to decompose.

When dead plant material piles up, humidity and bacteria slowly increase inside the heap. Eventually, these natural compost piles get hot and dry and spontaneously burst into flame.


Wings: Ants have four wings of different lengths, with the front wings being longer than the hind wings. Termites have four wings of the same length.

Antenna: Ant antennae have an elbow bend in the middle. Termites have straight antennae that look like a string of beads.

The “Waist”: Ant bodies have a thin “waist” where the abdomen connects to the rest of the body. Termites have a thick “waist” that makes it look like it doesn’t have a waist.

winged ant vs. termite swarmer difference

5-Star Pestimonials

Danny was fabulous!!! Hopefully no more termites!

five star review rating
reviewer persona icon

Lauren Huntsman

Great service from Danny at Fox my termite inspection. He was thorough and professional. Highly recommended.

five star review rating
reviewer persona icon

Anthony Aceto

I’ve had Fox Pest Control for about about a year and a half, and I’m very happy with the service. Previously I had another company just for termites and they were charging me a fortune! I got a good deal through Fox and they’ve been taking care of all my pest problems – termites, ants, wasps, spiders, mice, and everything else! They are quick to respond when I have an urgent issue and they are very thorough during their service appointments. I always stay home so I can communicate with the technician about concerns and issues. I used to have Danny come out to me mostly until now and he’s always very nice and has taken care of all my issues and concerns. Last time I had Enrique come out for service and I have to say I was very impressed – in addition to the routine spraying and checking, he put in additional termite stations where he felt I didn’t have coverage, took care of a giant wasp nest, AND, he discovered a huge ant colony in my backyard where I had a mulch pile. No other technician had brought this to my attention before. At first he thought it was a colony of termites and he said he’ll call to speak to a termite specialist. I thought he left but he came back 20 mins later, to reassure me that it wasn’t termites but some sort of ants and told me about how if you squish them and they smell citrusy, they’re ants (good tip!) and checked to make sure I had an ant problem and not a termite problem. He sprayed the area thoroughly and advised me to get rid of the mulch. He was so nice and responsible (sadly it’s hard to see that with people you hire these days, but he’s definitely the exception). You can tell he really cares about the customers. He said he didn’t want to leave me worried with a potential giant colony of termites so he wanted to make sure even though that meant he had to spend more time. If you want a pest control company that employs caring, professional technicians, go with Fox Pest Control!

five star review rating
reviewer persona icon

Jae S

We’ve had a service contract with Fox Pest Control for about four months now and have been very satisfied with the service we have received. We initially contacted them for assistance with a serious sugar ant problem inside our house, which they resolved in three visits over two weeks. Those services were scheduled promptly and courteously, and a significant reduction in the ant population was seen with each visit until the ants were gone. It has been a number of months and they have not returned. Since that time, we have signed on for termite prevention services and have been very happy with the service we have received. At each engagement, we are told to call them if we see any activity and require additional treatments. (Danny is our tech, and he is very thorough!) Such services (like the multiple ant treatments) did not result in additional charges. They were part of the service agreement.

five star review rating
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Jessica B.

Danny is fantastic!! He was soooo helpful. Showed us holes around the house. Checked termite detectors and sprayed the basement. Danny actually found and killed a yellow jacket. He also came at a moments notice! He’s great!!

five star review rating
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chris a.

I had Geaudi to our home in Dix Hills for Termite inspection from Fox pest control.He was excellent!!I would refer him to anyone needing professional, prompt on time service.Patricia M

five star review rating
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Patricia McCaffery

BBB and national breast cancer foundation accreditations