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Fox Pest Control’s Long Island Centipede Exterminator Service

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Centipedes are creepy crawly arthropods who are known for having 100 legs. Centipedes do not really have 100 legs, but can move very quickly and their 15 pairs of legs can easily become blurred. They are carnivores who eat other small insects, and are harmless to humans. On paper, having centipedes in your home doesn’t sound so bad, until you see them. Seeing a centipede scurry away when you turn a light on is enough to cause a sleepless night. Thankfully, you’re not alone. Fox Pest Control and our team of Long Island exterminators are here to help.

Signs of a Centipede Infestation

You might already know  if you have a centipede infestation; but here are a couple of the most common signs centipede exterminators on Long Island lookout for: 


Centipedes are fast moving, nocturnal animals. It’s rare to see them during the day, making them seem even creepier.


Since house centipedes are the most common type of centipede infestation, you may see one crawling along your floor or up a wall. If you do, you’re going to want to get professional help to get rid of centipedes — and Fox Pest Control knows what you need.

Pet Behavior

Pets, especially cats, could show alert behavior or agitation when they come across a house centipede.

Things You Need To Know About Centipedes

Helpful Centipede Prevention Tips: 

sealing pest entry points

Seal weather trimming, door sweeps and other common entry points with silicone caulking.

airtight food containers

Seal food in airtight containers. 

cleaning supplies

Clean to make sure your home is free of food particles and dirty dishes.

The less bugs that are in your home, the less centipedes you’ll have.

How Do I Get Rid Of Centipedes?

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Think you have a centipede problem? Call Fox Pest Control at (631) 458-5003 for a free Long Island centipede control quote.

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Schedule NY same day* control service with one of our certified technicians.

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Your technician will conduct a thorough pest control inspection of your home and property in order to provide a customized centipede treatment plan that will be most effective for your situation.

detailed report of pest control service


You will receive a detailed report of the service provided and helpful recommendations to remain centipede free.

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Follow Up

We come back regularly throughout the year to ensure the centipedes don’t come back. If you see any centipede activity between your regularly scheduled service, simply give us a call. We’ll come back for free!

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Why Choose Fox Pest Control on Long Island

Here Is Why You Should Call Fox Pest Control

Video Transcription

How To Get Rid Of Centipedes | Fox Pest Control

How do you know if you have a centipede problem,

and what do they look like?

Well, centipedes are mostly brown, or orange,

and have legs on every segment of their body.

In fact, the word centipede means 100 legs.

Centipedes enter your home for a few reasons,

but the most common reasons are for food and shelter.

A centipede looks for a warm place to reproduce

and will find it in the dark, damp areas of your home.

Quickly you’ll have a problem, because they multiply fast

and can live as long as six years.

To prevent centipedes, it’s important to have regularly-scheduled pest control treatments.

This will eliminate other pests like spiders and roaches.

No spiders and no roaches equals no meals for centipedes.

Trying to remove centipedes yourself often results in yucky stains

that will ruin your furniture and carpet.

So when centipedes become a nuisance, don’t DIY (Do It Yourself)

Insead, call Fox Pest Control for same-day service.

We’ll send a certified, licensed pest pro to your home to do a free inspection and give you a quote.

After your service, we’ll give you information on how to prevent centipedes from returning.

And don’t worry, because we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee,

which means we fix your centipede problem for good.

Fox Pest Control. No Bugs. Simply Better.

Centipede Control FAQ


Fox Pest Control is the most effective and efficient way to make sure centipedes are permanently evicted from your home on Long Island. While there are home solutions that can be used to eradicate centipedes and their food sources — other insects — home remedies often drive the insects deeper into the home rather than exterminating centipedes. 


Centipede venom isn’t usually strong enough to seriously harm people or pets. But in general, the larger and more colorful the centipede, the stronger the venom.


These little critters rarely bite people unless threatened. In fact, there are people in some countries who keep centipedes for pets and give them free rein of their house.


Centipedes have a powerful pair of pincers under their heads that they use as needles to inject venom.


With pincers located under their heads, centipedes can bite people if handled improperly.


Although they’re not exactly cuddly, they aren’t usually aggressive toward humans.

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My experience was great. From Rebecca, the Route Manager to Mark, the exterminator, everyone was pleasant, professional and helpful. They explained the hows and whys perfectly.

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