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Rainy Day PestsPosted April 7, 2022

Freshwater fishermen and Long Island homeowners share one bit of common knowledge: Rain brings out the bugs. For fishermen, the knowledge begs the question, will the fish be biting, or will they have eaten their fill of the swarming insects. For homeowners, the question is simpler… what do I do about these rainy-day pests?

What Insects Come Out During the Rain?

We’ve all seen earthworms and nightcrawlers on the sidewalk or pavement after a spring storm. But a heavy rainstorm can bring out all sorts of bugs.  Everything from carpenter ants and centipedes to crickets and earwigs can be more active after rainfall. In fact (as a homeowner), a rainstorm may be a good time to get an idea of the pests that are hiding on your property and are usually out of sight.

Why Do Bugs Come Out After the Rain?

Entomologists say there are three main reasons that you see more insects after it rains.

Some rainy-day pests make themselves known because the rain is flooding their usual hiding places. Carpenter ants, for instance, are very fond of moist and rotting wood. But when it rains, their destructive tunnels may flood, which forces them to come to the surface looking for a place to be high and dry. For homeowners, this can be the perfect opportunity to recognize the beginning of a pest problem.

A second reason that bugs come out after the rain is much like those fishermen… They know the hunting is good. Insects like centipedes and earwigs feed on other insects, so – when the rain chases them out of hiding – these predatory bugs come out too, looking for a feast. Earwigs, which are sometimes mistaken for cockroaches, are actually there to eat the other invaders in your home.

The final reason that some insects come out after the rain is to mate and find new homes. Termites and carpenter ants are swarming insects that love the heat and humidity. After a storm, these bugs are out looking for love – and to establish a new colony. Termites swarming outside your home after a storm are a warning that somewhere nearby is a colony. If the swarm is inside your home, that somewhere is you.

Does Rain Affect Pest Control?

Good news! Unlike the cheap insecticides at your local big box store, professional pest control is more resistant to wet weather. It even means that weather won’t adversely affect booking an appointment with your pest control team or their ability to spray when the day comes.

Those bugs that like to come out during and after the rain will be active in your house while it’s raining outdoors. That makes it a perfect time to introduce them to your pest control expert. Professional grade pest control treatments dry quickly, so having your home treated between spring storms will still work.

Call Fox Pest Control for All of Your Insect Removal Needs

Don’t let rainy-day pests ruin your peace of mind. If you are concerned about centipedes, earwigs, or something that can do serious damage to your home – like carpenter ants and termites – contact Fox Pest Control today to help you prevent your rainy day pests.

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