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Welcome to our Long Island pest control and exterminating blog. 

At Fox Pest Control, we aim to provide the most up-to-date news, knowledgeable resources and guides to help keep your Long Island home pest-free all year-round. Read our posts below to find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions and concerns Long Island residents have. 

  • What could be living under my deck?
    It starts like a bad horror movie with a scratching under the steps or odd noises late at night. Then when you look… there’s evidence of digging, maybe even some fur and feces. Something has moved in under the deck,
  • 10 Most Common Bug Phobias
    A bug phobia – also known as entomophobia – is more than just jumping when a bug surprises you. It’s an intense fear or revulsion that is accompanied by physical symptoms, as well as extreme behavior to avoid bugs… such
  • Ticks on Long Island
    Long Island is a wonderful place to live, known for its natural beauty and abundance of beaches and parks. However, with this proximity to nature, there is an increased risk of tick bites and tickborne diseases. May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month.
  • How climate change affects insects
    The effects of climate change are being studied and observed every day, and it’s no different when it comes to its effect on insects. There is a complex interplay happening of varied dynamics from host species (like the plants some
  • Can cockroaches really survive anything?
    Most people consider cockroaches gross… for good reason! After that, the next thing people think about when cockroaches are mentioned is indestructibility. They can survive a nuclear war, right? Or can they? Let’s look at the myths and truth about
  • 5 Tips for a Pest-Free Garden
    Spring is here, and you’re going to start using your yard more – whether it’s for gardening, hobbies, or cookouts. What you do now can make your backyard and, by extension, your house less attractive to pests. Pest-Free Garden Tips
  • Rainy Day Pests
    Freshwater fishermen and Long Island homeowners share one bit of common knowledge: Rain brings out the bugs. For fishermen, the knowledge begs the question, will the fish be biting, or will they have eaten their fill of the swarming insects.
  • Do I have a termite or carpenter ant infestation?
    Telling the difference between termites – which are even sometimes referred to as white ants – and carpenter ants is a tricky proposition. While a picture of the offending insects might help, most of us don’t have the entomology expertise
  • Are rats smarter than mice?
    One piece of wisdom that has endured throughout the ages is “know your enemy.” This holds true for combating pests as well. Today let’s take a look at one of the most commonly encountered rodents… Rattus norvegicus, the common rat.
  • When should I call the exterminator?
    That’s what every homeowner wonders when they find signs of bugs or rodents – “Should I call for pest control,” “When is pest control needed?” or “Can I handle it myself?” That answer is going to depend upon a few

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